not just a random anniversary


Sometimes the stars just align. GRBC is gearing up to celebrate its anniversary – make that anniversaries. Three of them, in fact. On Saturday, December 16, we’ll be having a party to mark the five years we’ve been open at our current location at Fulton and Ionia in downtown Grand Rapids, where we’ve become a key player in the city’s thriving craft brewing scene.

This also coincides with the 25th anniversary of GRBC’s previous incarnation, which opened on 28th Street in 1993, back when the idea of Grand Rapids as a nationally renowned beer mecca was barely conceivable.

Going back even earlier, we’re also observing the 125th anniversary of the ORIGINAL original GRBC. It opened in 1893 when a consortium of small local breweries opened a large facility near a freshwater spring in downtown Grand Rapids, where it would operate successfully until Prohibition ended the party.

Stay tuned for more on our celebration, which rare tappings we'll be featuring and other perks for longtime GRBC fans!

eat at grbc, appear on TV!


Ready for your big break? The Travel Channel is visiting us to shoot an episode of a popular series at GRBC from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 29, and we’d like to pack the house. We can't say which show, but it will involve our 1-800-HOTLINE-BEEF, winner of the 2016 Grandwich competition. Bring your friends, your friends’ friends, the cast of “FRIENDS” and anyone you know who loves to eat and drink. Professional headshots not required.

November food features



Thanksgiving’s second helping at its finest! A pile of mashed potatoes and gravy topped with thick-sliced roasted turkey with a side of our famous deep-fried Dank beans and scratch-made cranberry chutney sauce; all piled on grilled Texas toast. You're welcome.


Roasted elephant garlic (which isn't actually garlic at all but more like an onion), served with extra-virgin olive oil and scratch-blended Italian seasoning, assorted crackers and fire-roasted Nantucket Baking Company baguette.


Discover and share your favorite beer.

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new brewer.
new beer.
new food.

"Fusing art, science and love to tell stories and create innovative and unique experiences through fermentation and experimentation."

- Ernie Richards, Head Brewer

Full food menu served all week. Kitchen open 'til at least 11pm every night. Brunch Saturday & Sunday rocking the best $5 build-your-own bloody bar in GR until 3p. Beer dinners, monthly food features & and special bottle releases.


 Head toward the back room, look to the southwest corner (by the brewery windows) and you'll see the door - "PHASE II GAMEROOM" featuring retro arcade games, foosball, darts, ping-pong, Hoop Fever, Wallhooky, shuffleboard... whoa!

Bottles worth keeping

GRBC bottles to go are available exclusively inside GRBC. Screenprinted custom artwork on 22-ounce glass bombers are uniquely ours. Take home a 2-pack!


Your own custom-engraved 19.5 oz mug sporting sweet discounts on beer and food. Details on Mug Club through the button below.

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